Can America Think?

Kishore Mabubani is an ex ambassador of Singapore to the U.S. He's also the current Dean of Lee Kuan Yew School of Government at NUS Singapore.
At the forum today, he said that he's getting worried with the world's economic situation. In the past 60 years were alter the world war II ended. Whether you like or or not,  U.S. has been powerful stabize the word.  But now, the situation is different!
At the Goldman Sachs meeting in New York, that he attended, Mabubani understood that the market analysts are worry with two main issues: The huge deficit of US budget and the Oil & Gas price. The additional problem for US is for sure neverending war in Iraq. So if US is not strong anymore, all of us would be in the dangerous position. We would be lost because we are not familiar with the new landscape. Now, every country must be selft reliant. especially Asia. Can Asia think? or can America Think?

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