it's QCD, stupid!

Cimg1689 I just got back from "Corporate Travel Management Forum" held in Shangrila Hotel Jakarta.  The forum was organized by OAG and travel management consultant with global network => BTI. They basically want to encourage corporations to "mind your corporate travel expenses" . In this forum, i told everyone that it is again about QCD. Travel expenses is quite often overlooked by many companies.
Think about it. Suppose you have an employee called Alex who is on business trip to Hong Kong from Wednesday till Friday. "Tomorrow is weekend, so why not staying until Sunday?" Alex asks himself. So he decided to stay longer in Hong Kong for the weekend, not for business purpose but for his personal leisures . From the company's point of view, is that ethical?  Alex's trip is supposed to paid by the company only from Wednesday to Friday.  "how about if i pay my own accomodation for the weekend?" Yes, you surely need to pay at your own expenses. But Alex seems to forget something essential, the cost for the flight ticket from Hong Kong on Sunday is way more expensive than in Friday. Mind you to cover Alex trip only from Wednesday to Friday. Weekend is for his personal life. Should he decided to stay over, you know what to do.
Thank god there are some travel consultants who provide us solution for corporate  travel costs reduction.

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