Designed in Italy, Made elsewhere

I was traveling this afternoon to Singapore. While waiting for GA 828 flight to Changi,  I read a special Style & Design edition of Time which share how designers create their brands. The magazine mentioned Ralph Lauren of Polo, Christian Dior and Giorgio Armani as power brokers in the branded goods industry.
Similar interesting story i got from AWSJ today. I was a bit suprise to know that:
Valentiono is now made in Egypt.
Armani: made in Eastern Europe.
Celine and Hugo Boss: made in China.
Gucci: made in Serbia
Prada: made in Turkey
So what is the lesson here? Making stuff is easy, always. It is a low value-added activity, a commodity.  I remember one professor  at MIT who once said, "making stuff? well that is easy, Supply Chain? now that's really hard!" Designing (including designing your supply chains) is high value added activity.It is about creativity process. it is about imagination. Yet, designing is also about the effectiveness in touching the heart and soul of customers. It is about 'How to Wow' and 'How to make AHA'. It is about customer insight.
Countries with skilled labors will get the 'MAKING' accountabilities, while countries with creative people will get the 'DESIGNING' responsibilities.
The 'fair' job description in the flat world.

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