I just attended the opening ceremony of ASEAN 100 Leadership Forum, organised by Asia Inc. Forum, held in Ritz Carlton Singapore.
Tomorrow will be the full day session with prominent speakers from various countries. The event itself is called ASEAN 100, because only 100 people from the region are invited. Tickets are not for sale, but by invitation only. I saw John prasetyo and Chris Kanter from Indonesia Chamber of Commerce, Dino Patti jalal (SBY spokeperson),   Ltn Agus (SBY's son who is studying at Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies in Singapore).
PM Lee Shien Long was the keynote speaker tonight.
I was very much impressed by his speech. He was also direct and straight to the point on how to work harder to move faster to make one ASEAN, where he suggests four main things.
1) ASEAN must be kept as an open region. ASEAn must open itself to other countries outside the region. East Asia conference which will be held this December will be the example when ASEAN will be the driving force inviting Japan, ROK, China, India, Australia, and New Zealand.
2) ASEAN must become one regional economy zone, comprising over 500 million population.
3) ASEAN must also cooperate beyond economics level.
4) ASEAN must cooperate at the people level.
Two weeks ago, i listened to Foreign Minister of Singapore, BG Yeo at Global Leadership Forum in Kuala Lumpur. Basically he also said the same message. Like the PM, the FM also talked about the importance for ASEAN having a charter as a guidance to apply whatever have been decided.
About three months ago, I listened to the more or less the same message from Senior Minister, Goh Chock Tong at CEO Circle Jakarta. He suprised me alot when he said that Indonesia must play a significant role in ASEAN.He even mentioned that ASEAN is like an anchor for 'ASEAN ship.' If it is tied in the anchor, the ship will not go, will not move anywhere. Indonesia is too important to be ignored?

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